Upcoming Events For May

“PAINT THE STATE RED” — Details coming soon!

“SLIDING INTO CUBA” — Our May meeting Speakers are Dr. Evelyn B. Kelly and her daughter Natalie K. Kelly. They are 2 Conservative Americans who have visited 73 nations.  . However, no country has overwhelmed us, nor frightened us, like our visit to Cuba this past February. Some in the US think that when Fidel dies, Cuba will change, and it will only be time until communism will disappear. Many Americans in their mind equate what happened when the Berlin wall fell and the countries of Europe are now emerging from the failed communism into strong economies. The prevailing thought is that the fear of communism is “old school” and a vestige of the 70’s. This is not so- it is alive and well and a very close threat to the US in Cuba and in South America.

So, is the United States slowly sliding and accepting the philosophy to which our Constitution is diametrically opposed? Are we like the citizens of the great Roman Empire who gave up their freedom for little bits of pleasure? We hope this discussion will be an eye-opener as we draw out the similarities to the Marxist regimes and what is taking place in the US. We will discuss the question: Are we sliding into Cuba? This power point presentation shows life as it exists in Cuba today and should not be missed! Join us and invite your friends to attend. Visit our reservations page now to reserve a seat.

CAMPAIGN OFFICE OPENING IN APOPKA! — Our Re-Elect Governor Rick Scott campaign office will be opening sometime in early May. We plan to be located in the Aaron’s Shopping Plaza on 436 across from Beall’s. We have been in this same location since the 2006 election cycle. We will be having a grand opening and will post the date. TBA. We need your support and ask you to stop in and sign up to volunteer as soon as we are open for business.