Greta Weis, Charlotte White & Rebecca Mellen, President WORWF

Joyce Brocker,  Charlotte White with Bryan Nelson at the March 16th Luncheon

Past Presidents
NORWF’s current president Joyce Brocker and past presidents, (l to r) Beverly Blackmon, Barb Zakszewski, Linda Laurendeau, Patty redich and Carolyn Boothe


Rosie Big Check
NORWF presented a check for the Rosie the Bus Campaign for $201.60. Shown, (l to r) are Charlotte White, Cynthia Graves and Joyce Brocker

Abigail Slagel w picture

Alice B. Miner Memorial Scholarship Awarded to Abigal Slagel


Joyce Brocker, Todd Wilcox and Charlotte White
Todd Wilcox Speaks to NORWF