NORWF offers a wide array of committees that allow it’s club members to be involved in many ways. Listed below is a general description of all standing and special committees. From finances to photography, there is something for everyone!



Bylaws – Bylaws govern the way our Club does business. Rules are established by the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR). The bylaws are reviewed annually to determine if revisions are necessary.

Americanism – This committee is responsible for inspiring respect for the Flag of The United States of America and for our Nation. Traditionally, a committee member leads the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag at all regular meetings or asks someone to assume that responsibility. The committee is also responsible for the proper display of the flag at all functions of our organization. Members may also teach flag etiquette, donate patriotic books to libraries and schools, sponsor patriotic essay contests for schools and present flags to schools and community groups.

Campaign – As this Committee speaks directly to our Club’s stated mission and objectives, it is vital to our Club. The committee provides information about Republican candidates at all levels; it includes being a source of information on campaign managers, contact information, upcoming events and printed materials. They will also be a source for candidates to call when they need volunteers or other resources for their campaigns. This committee also encourages members to run for office. Time spent on this campaign qualifies our Club for possible local, state and national awards.

Communications – This committee works closely with the other committees to keep members updated on Committee activities, and puts the word out when volunteers are needed.

Finance (Ways & Means) – This Committee raises funds for the Club’s various activities, including campaign, special projects and general operating expenses. Devising fundraising activities that are innovative and motivating are the keys to success and are also vital to our Club’s success.

Legislative/CAP/Resolutions – This is another committee that goes to the heart of the Club’s mission and stated objectives. Committee members will work together to research key legislation and issues being considered and discussed at all levels of government and keep members informed of their impact. This committee can also develop a file that may include names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of elected officials. The Committee may also encourage Club involvement in letter writing campaigns, attending local, county or state government meetings or any calls to action issued by the State or National Federation.

Membership – Although our Club’s Second Vice President chairs this committee, members can work on this committee in a number of ways. This Committee may sponsor membership drives, acting as hosts at our monthly membership meetings and other Club activities, provide name badges for new members and guests at our meetings. Actually, every one of us can work on the membership committee, if each one of us commits to bringing in just ONE friend this year, our Club membership will double!! It couldn’t be easier.

Newsletter – The editor compiles articles about newsworthy items and upcoming events. She will email the newsletter to members and arrange for it to post to our website. Articles and stories can be contributed by our members.

Programs – Chaired by our Club’s First Vice-President, this committee is responsible for planning the programs at our monthly membership meetings, providing speakers and a venue. The Committee also develops a calendar of events that reflects the Club’s mission and stated objectives that will become parts of the Club’s yearbook.

Public & Community Relations – This committee works with local media contacts and has the key responsibility of keeping the public informed of our Club’s activities and programs. This committee’s reports to the media might include the guest speakers at our meetings, community outreach programs and other functions or community activities our Club participates in. This committee will also maintain a current list of various media contacts.

Telephone – This important committee is responsible for phoning members to remind them of meetings and to get an accurate head count for those meetings. They will also phone members to encourage participation in special events of our Club.



Achievement Awards – This committee ensures our Club qualifies for as many FFRW and NRFW awards by keeping in touch with these two organizations and coordinating with the various Club committees. This includes tracking volunteer hours and club activities.

Adopt-A-Soldier – This unique committee works to support our troops who fight for our Liberties everyday. The committee will select a soldier to correspond with and receive updates on how things are going over there, along with that soldier’s unit. Based on this information, the committee will identify any needs and may organize a drive or two and coordinate sending a “care”package to the soldier and/or his or her unit.

Care for Senior America – This committee keeps members informed on issues pertaining to seniors and may develop a community service project. The belief is that problems can be solved more effectively through the generosity and energies of individuals rather than through dependency on government programs.

Chaplain – The chaplain provides a prayer of inspirational message before each Club meeting and other special events.

Historian/press book/year book – This committee is responsible for keeping an account of all Club official activities. Archival items may include a list of officers, committee, events, news releases, photographs, and year-end membership totals.

M.E.L.P./Dictionary Project – This committee will review and purchase one or more books each year, from a list issued by NFRW, to be presented to area school or college libraries. This committee will also secure funding (possibly through donations from Club members) for school dictionaries and arranges for them to be donated to local elementary schools.

Parlimentarian – The parliamentarian advises the president on parliamentary procedure in accordance with RONR.

Photographer – The photographer(s) are available for all meetings and other Club functions to photograph activities. The photos are then provided to the Historian, Newsletter and Webmaster for their use.

Scholarships – This committee is responsible for publicizing our Scholarship program to high schools in our area, along with local colleges and other educational venues. They may also write press releases about the scholarship we offer. The committee will then review the applications, going through a selection process and recommends a recipient or recipient to the Board of Directors.

Sunshine – This committee sends cards, flowers, etc. to members who may need cheering. The committee will rely on the members to pass along information so that appropriate action may be taken.

Webmaster – This webmaster maintains the NORWF website and posts timely notices each month.